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Potassium Humate humic acid


Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid. It is manufactured commercially by alkaline extraction of brown coal (lignite) Leonardite to be used mainly as a soil conditioner. The extraction is performed in water with the addition of potassium hydroxide (KOH), sequestering agents and hydrotropic surfactants. Heat is used to increase the solubility of humic acids and hence more potassium humate can be extracted. The resulting liquid is dried to produce the amorphous crystalline like product which can then be added as a granule to fertiliser. The potassium humate granules by way of chemical extraction lose their hydrophobic properties and are now soluble. Depending on the source material product quality varies. High quality oxidised lignite (brown coal), usually referred to as leonardite, is the best source material for extraction of large quantities of potassium humate. The less oxidised the coal the less potassium humate extracted. Sources low in ash produce the best quality. Less oxidised brown coal contains a higher proportion of the insoluble humin fraction and along with peat which is lower in humic acid content and usually high in ash content requires separation by filtration or centrifugation to remove ash, humin. Peat is also high in non humified organic matter that needs to be reduced to produce a high quality product. The benefit of peat is that it is usually 2-3 times higher in fulvic acid content, which are the low molecular weight fractions of humic acid that are high in oxygen containing functional groups and soluble at a low pH of <1. Fulvic acids have a higher cation exchange capacity and therefore have a higher chemical interaction with fertilisers and are able to form soluble chelates of trace metals.

It is used in agriculture as a fertilser additive to increase the efficiency of fertilisers especially nitrogen and phosphorus based fertiliser inputs. Other salts of humic acid are manufactured, mainly sodium humate which is used in animal health supplements. It also can be used in Aquaculture.

How is the humic acid fertilizer market popularized to prevent the purchase of fake humic acid fertilizer? Humic acid fertilizer is a kind of chemical fertilizer which is chemically treated by ammoniation, nitrification or salinization, or added with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and other preparations. It has improved soil, improved nutrient utilization and enhanced plant resistance. It has multiple effects such as reversing, promoting soil beneficial microbial activity, increasing yield and improving quality. So, which methods can quickly identify the quality and true and false of humic acid fertilizer?

Three methods to distinguish between true and false

Check the water solubility. Put the humic acid fertilizer in the water, observe the speed of dissolution, whether it can be completely dissolved, and whether there is any sediment. Generally good quality humic acid fertilizers perform well.

Check the color if it is humic acid water soluble fertilizer or powder, pour a small amount in clear water, the color of the water will turn brown and black, if the color is very dark, it may be dyed. If it is a humic acid fertilizer granule, it can be rubbed by hand. If it is discolored and the color is difficult to wash off with water, there is also a suspected dyeing.

It is also possible to crush the granules to see if the color inside and outside is uniform and dark brown. If it is only black outside white (or other colors), it is also suspected of dyeing. In particular, there is a kind of fertilizer in the market that is white granules. It is said that because of the addition of white humic acid, you must not buy it because there is no white humic acid at all!

Judging whether it is activated Some humic acid fertilizers are added with humic acid powder that has not been activated or activated to a low degree. The humic acid fertilizer made with it has poor effect and slow effect. If the price of a certain humic acid fertilizer is too low, it is very likely that an unactivated raw powder is added, so be careful.

Three features need attention

First, humic acid fertilizers have different nutrient ratios and different manufacturing methods, which will lead to large differences in fertilizer. Therefore, different humic acid fertilizers and reasonable amounts should be used for different crops and the growth period of the crops.

Farmers and distributors must follow the instructions and do not increase or decrease the dosage. Because humic acid belongs to the category of biostimulating hormone, excessive application concentration may inhibit crop growth, but the concentration is too low to stimulate crops, so the concentration must be in place.

Second, not every crop shows a direct effect on humic acid. Humic acid has the most obvious effect on rhizome crops. Therefore, the promotion experiment should catch radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., and the leaves with relatively wide cucurbits, wheat, rice, etc., and crops with insignificant effects include oilseed rape, castor and other oil crops. Although the actual effect is there, such as the speed, quantity and length of root development, the data can only be detected by scientific methods, and it is difficult for the naked eye to recognize.

Third, humic acid can not completely replace fertilizer and farmyard manure, and it is better with fertilizer and farmyard manure. (Source: Agricultural Science and Technology News)

This article URL: The humic acid fertilizer market is gradually popularized, how to prevent the purchase of fake humic acid fertilizer.

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